Hmm…  I’m not sure where to begin.
Perhaps ‘hello’ is as good a place as any to start.

Hello – I’m Nikki Massey.


Here I am! I’m sat outside my home in Llanfairfechan in this picture. My husband was trying to get the right brightness balance on the camera and setting up the timer function so we could get a picture together. He was making me laugh as usual!


That’s my husband, Caz! He is truly my soulmate and best friend!
We met way back in college when we were both 16 and got married in 2010.
We have been through so much together and he really is my rock and the one who keeps me (slightly) sane.

In 2008 we bought our first house together! It is only a 2-bed bungalow but it is home.
Then in 2010 I became Mrs Massey! We got married in a magical country manor called Plas Maenan. It was a truly special day!


Then unfortunately less than a year later I had to have a kidney transplant.
I survived kidney cancer as a baby and had to have my right kidney removed. After going through school, getting good grades at GCSEs and graduating from college I knew that my energy was starting to feel more and more depleted and the time for an intervention was getting closer.
Luckily, I avoided dialysis (a machine that rids your body of toxins in place of your failed kidney) as I had a living donor lined up. My Dad was going to donate his kidney to me.
On the 2nd of March 2011 I had a kidney transplant.


My Dad is as healthy as can be now and my recovery has gone well too!
Since then Caz and I have since been embarking on a big project – we have decided to build our own house!
It has been a long and, at times, stressful process… We purchased plot of land that is 0.25 of an acre in a lovely rural location that is still close enough to all the amenities we need and love!


We went to an architect to draw up a design and this was submitted to the planning department. After a lot of back and forth the location, design and house were accepted! Many more moons passed before we were in possession of the building regulations and off we went to pick a contractor to carry out our dream project.
To not bore you I will talk about my house project in a separate post!

Life has its ups and downs. It isn’t all plain sailing. There are swings and roundabouts at every point.
I have my health problems but I also try and make the most of life and create as many happy memories as I can. It can be difficult to not just focus on the negatives in life seeming there are daily reminders with the pills I take and the hospital visits as well as blood tests. But I do my best. I do live with mild depression and occasionally suffer from panic attacks. Caz helps me out so much – he keeps me smiling!

The aim of my blog will be to talk about my life. It will detail the little things that bring me joy. The ways I pick myself up and cope when times are tough. How I live a ‘normal’ life with a kidney transplant. Raising awareness for organ donation as well as removing the stigmas associated with mental issues, no matter how minor. This is my form of therapy, getting everything out of my head and on to paper. If my journey to happy and healthier times interests and helps you too then that’s an added bonus!



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