Husband’s birthday!

Today, the 31st of March it is my Husband’s birthday!

He seems to have been truly spoilt in the presents department! New clothes, nice cheese, nibbles, new scents and plenty of vouchers to spend in garden centres (our favourite past time!).

I asked Caz if there was anything he wanted or needed for his birthday but that was as useful as talking to a wall! If he needs something, he gets it. If he spots something he likes, he gets it. So you usually have to be pretty inventive to find a suitable present for him!
He has been in to cars for as long as I remember. Some of the cars he has owned are an imported Honda Integra DC5 and a Subaru Impreza STi. He’s done many track days and is a true petrolhead!
I scoured eBay and managed to find an internal combustion engine model kit. I found one that was pre-owned but not used so sounded ideal.

Turns out this was an amazing idea of mine and he has actually wanted one of these model kits for years! Next stop full size engine!


I spent Monday evening baking a birthday cake for Caz. What does everyone love? Peanut butter and chocolate. YUMMY!

So I found this recipe which ticked all the boxes!

Here are the two peanut butter cake layers cooling.image

Peanut butter and caramel filling went in before sandwiching the two layers of cake together.image

Melted chocolate was poured over as the topping!image

In the evening we went to our local American smokehouse (authentic american barbecue) restaurant.

I had cajun vegetable fajitas with a salted caramel shake!image

Caz went for the ‘All american xxxl roadhouse burger’. This is two burger patties with smoked bacon, pulled pork, cajun onion rings, american cheese, fries and slaw! He also had a vanilla soda!imageAll in all, I think he had a lovely time, even though he had to go to work during the day. But hopefully we will make up for this on the long Easter Weekend and go out to some other nice places and have a few other treats! 🙂


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