Four Stars

Four Stars

Write a review of your life — or the life of someone close to you — as if it were a movie or a book.

That was quite an action packed, intense read right from the word go!

When the main character entered the story she was so loved. She had everything she could ever ask for with both parents being there giving love and cuddles whenever she needed it. They were truly devoted to her.
But then disaster struck. Maybe it was to test the strength of the parents relationship? Maybe it was just bad luck? The lead character developed cancer of the kidney. It was such a difficult read during these chapters. It was so touch and go for a long while. The chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments sounded so harrowing. So much for such a young little mite to cope with. But she showed such strength and character throughout and always managed to maintain a smile. Just as you start to think she is getting better the doctors asked for a scan and found a shadow in her lungs. Her cancer had returned. She had secondary cancer.

Everything looked very bleak. Her Dad lost his job during a wave of redundancies. Her Nana, who had been fighting cancer herself, was becoming weaker and weaker. The odds were against my little warrior. The only option was to treat her new cancers with a strong, yet untested on children, drug.

A kindly neighbour who offered an attentive ear to listen to her Mum’s problems and he put things into perspective. Yes the doctors may be saying that there is an 80% chance she won’t make it, but what about that 20%? Hold on to that. Believe she will be one of the ones to prove them wrong.
It turned out he was right. By the time she started primary school she had been given the all clear. She felt a little silly to have such short hair compared to all her friends, but she was so grateful to actually be there. It didn’t matter anyway, she was beautiful on the inside and that really showed. Her Dad also managed to get a job back at his old employer to be able to support his family.

I was so relieved to read they things were starting to look up. She had been a tough little cookie. There was a bit of a sadness about her though. She had been through so much and was wiser beyond her years. After all she had witnessed so much trauma already in her short life.

Sadly though, this wasn’t the end of her issues. It was becoming a bit like the biblical story about Job. Was this happening to test her, to make her stronger for something else in her future? It all didn’t seem fair. You just wanted the little girl to be able to run and play with her friends but there were more troubles in store.

All the treatments to save her life caused other physical issues for her. You wonder if maybe it might have been kinder if she had just passed away rather than to continue suffering. But then maybe that would have denied her something wonderful that could have just been down the road and around the corner.
She had bowed legs that had to be surgically broken and straightened. Before she could barely walk, now she can do everything her heart desires.
She had a weak left ventricle in her heart that caused palpitations and dizzy spells. She had to drop her A levels and go part time in college. Effectively denying her a bright future as she could now no longer go on to a degree or further herself. Doctors were able to treat it with medication alone but she had missed out too much education to go down the route she wanted in life.

But there was one glimmer of hope. One little thing that seemed to be the answer to all her prayers – a guy!
It turned from a massive weepfest into a beautiful story of true love. Everything suddenly became a bit easier to read and less heavy. I wasn’t dreading turning the page and hearing the next horrible thing that this poor girl had to go through. I was now unable to put the book down and was experiencing butterflies in my stomach from anticipation of what I could see developing before my eyes.

Two years after dating the guy of her dreams they moved in together. It was like a light had been switched on within her. It all suddenly made sense. He was the one for her. He was the missing piece to her puzzle of life. A year later they were engaged to marry and they wanted to buy their own house. It seemed the more independence she had the happier she was. He was there to support her and help her develop into who she wanted to become. He was always there to hold her hand, wipe her tears and listen to her thoughts. They really were always there for one another. Apart they were always missing the other. Together you could tell how much they loved each other and completed one another. Even at social events or if they were sat apart you could sense these two were together. It was like there is some invisible thread joining one another.

They married in a beautiful intimate ceremony that I almost felt a part of by the way the author described every little detail. The wonderful songs they chose with the spot on lyrics. I was so proud of her. I have to admit that I did shed a few happy tears. I had been there with her reading along as she went through her journey.

Just 6 months into their marriage though I thought all was going to fall apart. She needed a kidney transplant. I was starting to get quite agitated about all the plights she was going through. She was so happy and then this! Her Dad came along and donated a kidney to her. As if her parents hadn’t already done enough for her! They were now willing to spare their own organs! The transplant didn’t really seem to remove the bounce from her stride. She just kept on going. Her husband was by her side. She knew she had been through worse before and now with him there for support she could get through this.
Less than 3 months later she was back to normal. Back in work full time and ready to face the next stages in life! I did wonder if this blip might give slightly turbulent seas for the lovely young couple. If anything though, they came out stronger and more bonded. They had been close to the edge but then guided each other back to safety.

This isn’t the end for my heroine though. The story hinted at another novel in the pipeline. The beautiful couple were embarking on a huge project to build their own house with the hope of starting a family. I want to know what happens! You do wonder if with all the treatments she has been through if that might add a spanner in the works for having a family. I really hope with all my heart that everything works out for them. I could guess and speculate about what life might turn out for her but I don’t want to jinx her future!

In summary, although it was a difficult and emotional read it is good now and then to have a cry. I would definitely recommend anyone to read this if they are having a tough time. You see that anything is possible if you believe. How she managed to keep going I will never know. There is such a strength and sassiness to her that I find inspiring. She has really put things into perspective for me. Despite whatever is going on at the moment there is always hope. Hold on to that hope and it will turn into a glimmer of happiness. Keep building that happiness and it will turn into a wonderful life you will be able to reminisce about with your children and grandchildren.


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