Husband’s birthday!

Today, the 31st of March it is my Husband’s birthday!

He seems to have been truly spoilt in the presents department! New clothes, nice cheese, nibbles, new scents and plenty of vouchers to spend in garden centres (our favourite past time!).

I asked Caz if there was anything he wanted or needed for his birthday but that was as useful as talking to a wall! If he needs something, he gets it. If he spots something he likes, he gets it. So you usually have to be pretty inventive to find a suitable present for him!
He has been in to cars for as long as I remember. Some of the cars he has owned are an imported Honda Integra DC5 and a Subaru Impreza STi. He’s done many track days and is a true petrolhead!
I scoured eBay and managed to find an internal combustion engine model kit. I found one that was pre-owned but not used so sounded ideal.

Turns out this was an amazing idea of mine and he has actually wanted one of these model kits for years! Next stop full size engine!


I spent Monday evening baking a birthday cake for Caz. What does everyone love? Peanut butter and chocolate. YUMMY!

So I found this recipe which ticked all the boxes!

Here are the two peanut butter cake layers cooling.image

Peanut butter and caramel filling went in before sandwiching the two layers of cake together.image

Melted chocolate was poured over as the topping!image

In the evening we went to our local American smokehouse (authentic american barbecue) restaurant.

I had cajun vegetable fajitas with a salted caramel shake!image

Caz went for the ‘All american xxxl roadhouse burger’. This is two burger patties with smoked bacon, pulled pork, cajun onion rings, american cheese, fries and slaw! He also had a vanilla soda!imageAll in all, I think he had a lovely time, even though he had to go to work during the day. But hopefully we will make up for this on the long Easter Weekend and go out to some other nice places and have a few other treats! 🙂


Productive weekend

Caz had to go to work on Saturday to do some overtime, so I decided to try and have a productive weekend.

I have to admit thy hat I actually went back to bed for a while after Caz left for work. A couple hours beauty sleep is just what the doctor ordered!

Once I was up, I made myself pancakes for breakfast. Yummy! 😍


I even managed to put on two loads of washing. The washing machine won’t know what hit it!

A few years ago I inherited a few little bits of furniture from my Grandma when she passed away in 2010. Amongst the pieces are a pair of bedside cabinets.
When I received them they had a thick varnish lacquer on them in a mahogany style color.


I felt bad wanting to alter the finish of them but thought my Grandma would approve. So I bought paint stripper and set about removing the varnish.
I managed to get them back to the original wood.


Thinking about what finish to go for I decided to put a primer undercoat on.
We were planning on decorating our bedroom in a floral style with black and red being the main colours. Thing is, we never really got around to decorating the room and lived with bare walls for a long while… Now that we are building our new house we have decided to redecorate the room in more neutral (and saleable) colours.


Knowing I wanted porcelain drawer knobs I bought these first. They are so cute!


We found a lovely chocolate colour wallpaper with creamy colour flowers when we were shopping in B&Q. This would be perfect as a feature wall at the head of the bed. The other walls would be a neutral beige colour.
So this helped us decide what finish to now go for with the bedside cabinets – cocoa and cream!


I bought chalk paints in the colours we wanted. I’d never used chalk paint before but had heard many good things about Annie Sloan paints. I can confirm that chalk paint is wonderful! There is no prep work apart from making sure the item is clean. You can put it on bare wood (this worked the best) or painted or varnished pieces. Paint it on and leave it to dry. Once dry you can put on the clear finishing wax to protect your handiwork.


Caz had to drill the holes a little bigger so that we could put the knobs on. But now they are finished and are in place they really look good. Even if I do say so myself!


Sunday wasn’t quite so productive. I seem to have burnt myself out just doing the little painting project yesterday. That is the joy of having hidden illnesses.

As we do every weekend, Caz and I visited our new house to see how it has progressed in the last week. Now it is a pretty weather tight shell, there aren’t as many huge differences. Some more insulation here. Some more external block work there. But it’s not like the first few weeks where it went from foundations slab to ground floor walls then first floor walls in a matter of a fortnight! It’s still exciting though and it feels more and more like home each time we visit.

The rest of the day we just snuggled on the sofa watching F1. This might turn out to be an interesting season!